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В гостях у индийской ясновидящей. Сэранья. Послание с Плеяд. Часть 1. Мария Карпинская в Индии.

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Путешествие Марии Карпинской с Шри Ламой и его детьми к ясновидящим и целителям. Сэранья - посланница с Плеяд, целитель. Мария Карпинская берёт интервью у ясновидящей Сэраньи. Часть 1.
В фильме вы также узнаете о подвиге индийской женщины по имени Латаджи, о вдовах Индии.
Мария Карпинская давно путешествует по Индии. Она знает и любит эту страну как свою родную.
Подробнее о поездках и жизни в Индии смотрите в проекте Марии Карпинской "Мама Индия":
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Source we are sourced and we have manifested on the planet in order to achieve a purpose to learn and to be born ready to graduate from the earth schools and universities and to come into the realization that there is much more than what we see in the physical world all the suffering on the struggle or the pain or the limitation on the density that we see all around us it's.

Simply an illusion an illusion that traps us into their material world all all but it on the road it is elude for the innocent illusion and the illusion is so strong that somehow how go aground yes yeah the physical world is a really a hologram it is the universe it is in a condensed form of universe that is manifested so that we can start from the basic world of physicality of the.

Densities of materialism and then we come out of it we evolve out of it acts the intelligence brews the consciousness grows the vibrations increase and many times many of our lifetimes that we have taken on this planet we don't even know what our purposes we don't even have a vision of what our future is going to be and what is the reason for all that's happening on this planet it's good that.

We don't because we wouldn't be so involved in our lessons and our experiences if we knew the end and the end is always going back to the source to the origin and to merge with the source and to become that which we truly are but on the way we choose to forget to choose to not understand choose to separate ourselves but the separation is only in the physical reality and not in.

The inner essence of our being we are one with source so on the way we create a lot of physical and human experiences that really take us seem to be taking us away from the original source of the power and the love and the night and the wisdom that we are and it's a choice it's a choice that we have made to incarnate on this planet and to do this to learn the.

Lessons to validate all that we already knew that we are loved we are light and the amazing thing about it is that if we really look around us there is a Great Awakening a lot of people are being put through tremendous tests and challenges including me including you because we are being shaken out of her lethargy many people who were not waking up to.

The spiritual reality they are being shaken up and they seemed to be falling asleep but actually there is a dinner awakening because they're being tested at every point and sometimes it seems like it seems like the world is becoming worse but I lack and there's so many things going on and people are in actually degenerating in their consciousness in some way be you know.

Who is descending into a lower vibration but that is just because the energy is being released there's so much blocked up energy because we have taken this beautiful planet this amazing amazing planet that we have been born on to be with that we are living on and we've taken this planet and turned her into something else that we were in her life we just use the earth for everything and.

Anything and everything without consideration for her or for other wheels we just stick with plunder all the natural resources we don't care about the ecology we don't care about the environment care about animals we don't care about so many species but what happens is when that happen that reaches a climax then the earth resorts to certain action.

Certain incidents certain rules more often than not it's the emotions emotions of the entire human race and the animal race where the pain is being experienced and suppressed it comes out in some way or the or the other than that is however negative it seems it's good in the larger picture it is important that the planet releases these energies and so we find this happening.

If we are truly connected to the source in our heart and we sit down and we close our eyes and even if it's for a few minutes a day we are never disconnected ever and then there are some of us who have been so involved with the spiritual awakening in the evolution and we have almost you could say ascended we've almost reached to enlightenment.

Danika we continue to remain on this planet for a purpose and that is to wake up people in whatever way we can wherever we go we find people with dr. dabree we try to change the consciousness we try to bring in that energy we need that energy wherever we go and that is important ourselves we change the next person and then we change the other then we change.

The other and we change the group even if they're not taking a class or I'm not you know doing events what I do this I talk talk a lot I talk to people whoever I meet and if I see that they're there their consciousness is not you know spiritual or they're lying or they're doing something that's not even not even basic human integrity then I start to you know I concentrate on.

Clearing that and I lecture people for hours together to make them realize no let's change let's change let's do try I try my best to be an example of giving and serving helping so that you know at least by seeing somebody like that maybe somebody else will change and this is my ruling life to be what I share with all the beings who have been like you hydro different no other.

Community 20 years we have been doing this work together and I consider him to be one of the pillars of the guidon heart because yes it's only people like me going into the next seeker of ending I don't have one I say unfortunately because there are so many people who are in jail in genuine and they get the Nobel Peace Prize and then they go right on top but nobody sees how was ended.

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