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Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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Went to my favorite and in my opinion the BEST buffet in the world. Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Check out what I ate for breakfast!
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Some of the biggest right now and I mentioned before this is my favorite place to go in the world because I love them and I'm here right now in Vegas so I'm gonna show you guys around keep in mind this is only 7:30 in the morning and check out what they have my breakfast shrimp cocktails mussels whoa you got like storm flaps did you guys know that stone crabs are the only crabs.

In the world that they cut off finally the claw and a cloth rolls back later so you never killed a crab when you're harvesting stone crab meat all right so if you want your breakfast items here then yeah you can get them there's some scrambled eggs there's some my hash brown mushrooms I I don't like it when people say you have to eat pigs for breakfast so you don't you should be.

Able to eat whatever you want for breakfast look at this kind of bacon if you have a Krispy Kreme donut craving for breakfast check all this out check out these little lit velvet pancakes we've got all those oh my god this is insane check this out breakfast burritos this is so awesome look at all these oh look at that steak and eggs stickers the.

Thing with this buffet that I love most is that everything is quality look at this okay this is some breakfast food and you know we got steak now let's get something like ooh that may not be considered breakfast now who says you can't have pizza for breakfast this is like the college days where you know or some pizza have it leftover and they eat it for breakfast I don't even like.

Salami and I think I want to try some of this one salad for breakfast no platinum how about like some sushi for breakfast so this is an Asian stage here right here so they'll cook you some like conky they have like added sour soup it's all freshly made and they also have like all these awesome dim sums way that just looks authentic cashew chicken fried rice all right this has been too much.

For me I gotta get my eat on all right guys I got my first plate of food this is the most diverse breakfast plate of food that you'll ever see here like I got the aged steak I got the breakfast burrito which I covered it like some kind of mustard sauce I got hash browns I got Pat cashew chicken here guacamole I got sushi strawberry sushi roasted tomatoes I got like Chinese.

Spareribs shrimp dumpling right chicken pizza Indian curry I got like the whole world representing in this breakfast plate breakfast is not boring but this is what I'm talking about eat whatever you want for breakfast I got my stone crab this is something I've been craving for it for so long you know how much this is in Florida this if you want to go eat all you can be stone crab.

It's like $50 let me try the pad thai a really good patch hi hmm this might be the best pass hi I've ever had in my life I've eaten a lot of hat times I got hot and sour soup for breakfast yeah it's our super focused there's the fried eggs and what looks like flank steak .

Okay age of that look at that you can see the flavor of this alright let's give this a shot literally I'm Koka five and replace of these because I'm a big steak guy crispy it's amazing I love this part about this buffet a noodle soup station so I'm gonna have breakfast check out full yeah put some cilantro on top now we'll get.

That we're gonna douse it with sriracha yeah that's how I roll right gotta have sriracha in your full some of you might not agree but this is how I do it check this out this is looking animes being it's round two now it's strategy time okay the Asian s Kimmy is taking over so I gotta get my crab cakes on cuz this sucker ain't cheap I got some awesome mustard mayo sauce.

And I've put some horseradish in there that's how it's done bring me and see this is reason like a hundred and twenty one why I love this place so remember the steak and eggs they had before I didn't want the eggs so they cut me a piece of stinky and of course I gotta have some more Pat's high in the cuff but after this I got a save room for.

Dessert because I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of dessert and this is breakfast again this is what I like to call breakfast it's dessert time who says you can have dessert for breakfast so you got cookies so we've got some cheesecake boots heart cups oh we got a crepe station I thought we should we get this chocolate covered strawberries white and dark this needs.

To be had a lot well that looks like that looks like chocolate fresh chocolate look at all this ice cream got your servers the ice cream sandwiches by this is insane ice cream sandwiches already got you a lot of I am officially overwhelmed look at them they're baking all this stuff right there right there they're making it everything's fresh it is dessert time.

Check out my dessert this is again this is still breakfast so I gotta have my waffles then I have awesome lava cake bread pudding and check this out look at just look at the size of these strawberries look look at this let me scale it for you this is this is a hand this is my friend's face okay we can strawberry shake how's it space - this is like crazy big oh my goodness and.

Then and then I had to get like a smiley red velvet pancake check out this lob cake guys check it out whoa it's like funny awesome goodness and already something that's awesome that we gotta eat lava cake with ice cream chocolate and strawberry ice cream and I'm gonna mix it with the lava cake let's try.

what makes a good lava pit the outside has to be crispy it's hosting inside it's chocolatey sell cheap heavenly awesomeness and that's what this is right here mixed with ice cream Christmas he cannot yield lava cake without ice cream this is so awesome so awesome look at this I got take a bite of this.

Ginormous like Goliath strawberry hmm thing just exploded in my mouth they put some caramel crunch on the outside this is absolutely fantastic I don't even like strawberries I don't like fruit I like this now we're gonna dig into my red velvet smiley face pancake and this.

Is awesome this is gonna like I'm gonna heat one of the eyeballs put me one of the eyeballs I don't even like that others may be that much this is fantastic we know this is missing some ice cream yeah mix that up everything tastes better with ice cream right.


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