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Review of Lotoo Paw Gold

Опубликовано: 2 года назад
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End-game offering both in terms of price and sound
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Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Hello today I've got for review one of the most expensive and one of the best digital audio players available on the market it is a little pal gold it costs about $2,000 sometimes you can find it a bit cheaper but retail prices mm and it does really for this money actually when you start an outdoor philia journey it's hard to stop saving your money and because sometimes device is really worth.

This price I was skeptical about this or two but actually it really I think it deserves this price paying books is really big outer-box is pretty simple it's shining grey silver color minimal polygraph II but it everything changes when you open it it's one of the most unusual boxes ever unfold different side I always pull this out.

First out and then you open the top lid like this inside you will have where itself aside and this part in different sites so here we will give charger pay attention because it is it when 20 12 volt charger and this player isn't charged from regular USB adapters because it has a different reinforced power supply also current in new versions.

I heard that now the red leather case and different manuals Quick Start Guide warranty card and also under this you will have a mall there with accessories here you have different walk adoptive suppose a charger and nice you will be 3.0 cable that allows for file transfer to this well of course it will be nice to have a leather case but my version comes out beside that.

Packaging and accessory set is really excellent and it's on par with price level build quality is also really nice when I look at this player on the pictures I can read about the gold-plated the part and volume control I've thought that it would be book I don't know something cheaper than it is but in real life it looks pretty nice player is built from one solid block of.

Dural medium it is a void of aluminum and magnesium that is pretty strong it's also not that big actually it hit in hand nicely in this direction but it's pretty sick it's citizen or other players also it's really heavy its weight about 270 grams there is a big battery inside and also sick case with everything attached build core it is superb as you can see designs.

Also pretty nice Bend and usual so what we have here it is a USB 3.0 connector that was fast pal transfers also it's compatible is regular micro USB charging port it is 2012 rules as I've said before so SD card slot it for regular size SD cards which is nice because regular ID cards cost well costs less then micro sd here is reset ho but I'd need in needed.

Never so phone out and line out the in-control hold switch volume regulator it's a bit unusual as you can see because to increase holy mushroom turn it left while it's more national tight or not right but it can be changed in the menu but this icon shows creative in different and screen screen is color alert screen it has resolution 160 and by 128 pixels it's not really big but.

Actually it's pretty enough to show all the information it's by the way it's covered by Wrigley really stratosphere glass as you can see there is no fancy menus no graphics but everything is a pretty simple but displays all the necessary information about songs about resolution battery and so on it's pure textual interface that shows everything nicely the part is good pretty cool nice.

Controlled and there are five additional buttons I don't call them in the next part of this video review and it is on/off button and this circular indicator you can turn the light of this indicator off if you don't like to see it all the time so build quality is nice by the way if you don't like this gold plated version the results for titanium version with.

Silver content controls controls are really logical and comfortable so it's for directional odd it has usual functionalities or previous/next rec stop proposed central button you can change the focus functions you can use it also as a play ball but also it can be used for changing information on the screen so you can.

Use it to customize it via menu file it is access to your list of files actually as you can see for example I have one thread whiskey alex has spaces between letters its euro for changes players at least so can you show you current list of playback also there are three custom playlists that you can add information to end all but all list of all threads on your memory card actually its can't.

Really quick finish setup is pretty common repeat mode time display DSD gain compensation if necessary line out tables each if necessary hint channel balance we can change here also system settings are pretty lot of the power of time an automatic power of language display settings LED mode to display for battery bread / % o remaining time brightness of the screen and so on and.

So forth a lot of different options even sdcard speed test and also there are few custom settings you can read in functional key central key role and so on this is interesting button because it show you settings of the timber enhancement and parametric equalizer this player has nice digital signal processor built-in so it allows you to use parametric equalizers are different.

Ready preset or you can have your own process it's not typographic what other where you select the different bands for different frequencies parametric equalizer allows you to select exact frequency and change its gain so it can be tuned precisely and 88 different enhancement can make sound brighter also it it's darker it's working really nice it doesn't distort sound and.

Actually provides really good effect so it is one probably for players that can really change sound without a lot of distortion and function button I have shown it can be changed it from its function function can be changed in the menu I have made it changing changing information of the screen so you can see it can shows a covered or the main information was this.

Frequency graph so control is nice easy and it works pretty good and of course about the sound this uses PCM 1792 digital to analog converter it's classical model that we used a lot of high-end devices and it uses LME play fire so it gives really overwhelming power it's 500 milliwatts for 32 ohms lord so it can drive almost anything without.

Absolutely without any issues without any problems without anything it can drive full-size biodynamic even 600 ohm models it can drive risers 300 ohm Matos most part of planar magnet headphones absolutely without any issues without any problems and it stayed at about 11 hours of work but I usually have even more about 12 20 hours sorry not 2012 of course 12 hours of.

Work charge take I don't know about 5 hours usually from its charger so it is really pocketable power machine it's not well-suited for the sensitive dynamic games but for the balanced armature and hybrid models it's also really nice there is a bit of background noise present but not that much for me it understand almost any format without any issues up to the most highest resolution.

It can play this D 64 and this D 128 also I saw these images the first files absolutely all formats or frequencies of this player is one of the most casings it offers great slap bass with nice resolution with good texture also dynamic an urban energetic mid bus and upper bus it's also really good it's transparent fast dynamic it gives you great punchy great separation everything.

Is really good needs also nice emotional lively so everything that you can say good about me frequencies is also present here attacks is absolutely superb well-defined that you can hear perfectly every know what everything treble can be sometimes harder because this player doesn't try to mask it it's it's play treble is it present on the records so you can you should select.

Records really really carefully low quality records absolutely no go for this play actually I think it has some hint some unusual on the treble some small accent on the narrow shape the narrow part of frequencies I don't know sometimes some symbols that fit into this small frequency part small part of the frequency response condition sound really sharply but it's not present.

Often maybe it's just my personal perception I'm not sure because I meet it rarely but sometimes it sounds a bit harshly so if you travel phobia actually I don't think this player is for you but sweet 80s I think can fix things a little bit for you but if you give is nice treble it's good fast and has a good level of details actually it's one of the best.

Players both in micro and macro and micro details also superb it is really a reference quality player it's natural natural natural fast energetic dynamic lively actually I like it very much especially these big cans so for me it is pretty new level of revelation sound I didn't expect such quality of the port from the portable device so if you want to have really end game player and.

Really want to really can play this end game price I think it is one of the device for you to consider thank you for attention


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